How does Beneatha act throughout A Raisin in the Sun? Name some examples.

Expert Answers
e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Beneatha, struggling to find a dignified and respectable identity, acts both proud and irreverent, sometimes disrespecting her family's values and worth. 

Beneatha's pride can be seen in her relationship to George Murchison.

George is Beneatha's date, though she doesn't take him seriously as a future mate.

She is disdainful of Murchison and acts as if she is above him, indifferent and superior, when he comes to the apartment. Beneatha refuses to take an assimilationist stance, socially and politically, and expresses her unwillingness by being rude to Murchison.

When she speaks to her mother and brother, Beneatha occasionally acts out of an apparent disrespect. Mama insists that Beneatha stop when she suggests that God does not exist. Mama takes this as an insult and also feels that Beneatha's social attitudes - to be African, not black American - are suggestive of a rebuke. Mama feels that Beneatha acts as if the family, its struggles and its triumphs, are worthless and can be dismissed.