How does being discrimanted against for their deviation and being sent to the Fringes enable deviations to fulfill their lives in The Chrysalids?

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The deviants have to go to The Fringes when they are uncertified.  Apparently, women and girls are sterilized (though it seems that men are not).

The people who live on the Fringes are “unfortunate and unhappy” outcasts of society.

They had been taken away from their homes, often when they were babies, or some of them who were older had had to run away from their homes, simply because they didn't look like other people… (ch 12)

However, the people on the Fringes are still able to live some kind of life.  It may not be the kind of life they would have had at home, but they are not living in fear.  In some ways, living on the Fringes is their only hope.  They have created their own society and do the best they can.