How does Beauty and the Beast deal with the promotion of life skills in current social contexts?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In some ways, I think that one of the life skills that is promoted out of the fairy tale is the idea of tolerance and acceptance of those who are different.  Even though it is an unenviable predicament, Belle represents a sense of openness and tolerance that enables both the beast and her to become close and for the curse to be broken.  Unlike her sisters who represent partisanship and envy in its worst form, Belle is someone who believes in consensus and the fairly tale shows that individuals who embrace the idea of working together and seeking to build consensus are the ones who will reap the greatest reward.  Another life skill that is shown in the fairy tale is the idea of honor and keeping one's word.  Belle's father keeps his word to the beast, as Belle keeps her word of honoring her father.  When she feels bad about not tending to her word with the Beast, she uses the magical mirror to see how he is and is horrified by what she sees.   The notion of living by one's word and honoring that which is said is a life skill that is applicable to modern social contexts.  The final life skill that is promoted is the idea to not judge solely from appearances.  The idea here is that if individuals are open enough to accept others, regardless of appearance, greater benefit for all lies in wait.  This is a lesson that is applicable to modern social contexts that roots itself in the fairy tale.

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