Across Five Aprils Questions and Answers
by Irene Hunt

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How does the battle at Antietam affect Shad?

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In the fall of 1862, many men in the community have come together on the Creighton property to help re-build the barn which was burned.  Not long after the raising of the barn the Creightons receive a letter from Shad.  Shad has been through the battle of Antietam and is no longer a young, innocent man.  He has seen his fellow soldiers bleed, become maimed, and die in battle.  According to Jethro,

"A few days aftr the barn-raising a letter came from Shadrach Yale in which he too discussed General McCelean, from the viewpoint of a you g soldier who had just know his first experience under fire.  Antietam had been the baptismal battle for the young schoolteacher, and the letter to Jenny reflected the agony of a man new to the scenes of death and suffering." (pg 124)

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