How does Aza change throughout Turtles All the Way Down?

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Aza begins the story as a teenager who is afflicted with debilitating anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder that controls every aspect of her life. In fact, she is so preoccupied by her mental state that she often is unsure of whether or not she exists and compulsively "tests" her reality by causing herself to bleed. Her mental state reaches a breaking point after the combined effects of a car crash, the discovery of a fan-fiction character modeled after her, and an attempted relationship reduce her to a completely broken state, in which she makes choices with little rational thought. She is, for example, caught drinking hand sanitizer.

However, the ensuing confrontation allows her to begin to make change as she is finally able to admit that she needs help and that she needs to stop being resistant to medication and therapy. Rather that fighting against her illness to no avail, she begins to simply accept that it is a part of her and that she has to learn to live with it. She learns that while she may never be completely well, she is deserving of love just as she is.

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