Where can there be comparisons of significance between Chopin's The Awakening and "The Story of An Hour?"

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the strongest connections between both Chopin works is the dissatisfaction of women in the condition of traditional domesticity.  For both Edna and Louise, there is a discernible dissatisfaction of the social dictates towards women.  One strong comparison between both works is the idea of how women refuse to be appropriated by the social conditions of what it means to be women.  This is significant as both works explore what the traditional contours of women are and how challenging they are for women to live.  Both works explore this in different ways.  Edna willingly resists this condition, to the point of taking her own life.  Louise also resists, but does so in an understanding that her resistance will be able to translate into actual freedom through the perceived death of her husband.  When her husband is actually alive, Louise's resistance is through the a death from "the joy that kills."  In both works, there is a fundamental challenge and call for the role of women to be transformed from what is into what can or should be.