How does the author utilize Julia's character in the book? 

Expert Answers
mlsldy3 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sarah's Key is a book about two different times in history. It weaves its way through the horrors of the Nazi's to the present time. Sarah and Julia are the two main characters in the book, and they both bring a heartbreaking reality to life.

Julia's character in the book, is a fascinating woman. She move to Paris with her husband, who doesn't want to stay married anymore. She has a daughter named Zoe. She has struggled with several miscarriages and fears she will never have another child. She begins to discover the history of the apartment she and her husband now live in. The apartment belonged to Sarah's family, when she was a child before they were taken to the concentration camps. The more she discovers, the more she wants to bring Sarah's story to life. The author, I believe, brings the character of Julia in give Sarah a voice. Sarah spent her whole life living in guilt. She never was able to deal with what had happened to her brother and blames herself for this. Julia is the one person who can let Sarah rest in peace, by telling the truth of what really happened. The character of Julia is the one character in the story, who really cares for Sarah, and wants her life to be remembered for the good.

The heart wrenching decisions that Sarah makes at the beginning of the story, shows us how horrible it is to have to live with guilt. Julia feels the need to show everyone, that Sarah was a good person. She wants to be able to set the record straight for Sarah's sake. Julia in her own way, is also a key for Sarah.