How does the author use "magical realism" to portray the characters that serve as Tony's gang of friends? I thought that this would be an interesting question to see the answer to.

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Two of Tony's friends, Cico and Samuel, show Tony the magic of the Golden Carp. They introduce Tony to a different kind of religion which only furthers Tony's confusion. Florence provides the realism in the novel. He doesn't believe in God or the church because his life has been so horrible. Both of his parents are dead, and his sisters are prostitutes. He tells Tony that his definition of hell is being alone. Tony wants to give Florence something to believe in by showing him the Golden Carp, but he never gets the chance since Florence dies before he can. Horse and Bones are believers in the church, but they also provide humor and horseplay that realistically depicts boys at that age. The Vitamin Kid is the boy Tony knows very little about, only that he likes to race. Tony doesn't know his real name or even where he lives.

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