Examine the significance of the title to the narrative.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The original question had to be pared down.  The issue of "chains" helps to bring to light the condition in which Isabel and the young nation of America live.  "Chains" is part of the condition that Isabel lives in as a slave.  She seeks to recognize her own voice and have her voice acknowledged, even though her enslavement is where the chains in her being lies.  At the same time, her journey to freedom is analogous to the freedom of the young American nation.  This being is one also in figurative "chains" in its bondage and servitude to England.  For both Isabel and the young nation, the journey to validate one's self is one in which the figurative and literal "chains" are overcome.  There is struggle in both.  There is a great deal of sacrifice needed in both.  Yet, the narrative to enter a being in which chains are dissolved is one in which the struggle and sacrifice end up paying off with great dividends.  The journey to freedom is something that transcends the chains that defined oneself. The significance of the title is one in which "chains" represents what Isabel and the nation used to be.  Through sacrifice and struggle, this becomes a part of the past, giving way to the present and future where chains are visibly absent from defining one's own sense of being.