How does the author hold the attention of the reader in "The Catbird Seat"?

Expert Answers
mlsldy3 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

James Thurber's Catbird Seat, is a clever short story. The author starts out with a mystery of sorts. Mr. Martin is recalling the events that took place one week ago, when he got rid of Mrs. Barrows. Mrs. Barrows has made life at F&S miserable for the past couple of years. 

Mr. Martin is not the kind of man anyone would think could do something like killing someone. The story is almost a comedy, in the way Mr. Martin is and the ideas he comes up with. The author holds our attention, by including interesting characters, a great play on words and a funny story on revenge. He walks us through the mind of someone who has just had enough. Mr. Martin could be any of us. The author makes the frustration and fear of losing his job, you can see why Mr. Martin's actions are what they are. The story is short and simple and to the point, yet it is a fun read. James Thurber makes you see the whole situation clearly. He keeps the reader wanting to know what happens next and what the end is going to be.

James Thurber doesn't disappoint the reader. Your attention is kept the entire time. You can laugh at Mr. Martin's descriptions and you can feel his pain in the situation at work. By using humor and great descriptions, the author has done his job, in keeping the reader wanting more.