Hans Christian Andersen

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How does the author from the red shoes by Hans Andersen foreshadow the little girls faith?

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In the short story 'The Red Shoes' Hans Christian Andersen weaves a tale of envy, repentance and redemption. He foreshadows the little girl's faith that she will be relieved of her suffering when she shows true repentance by asking the executioner notto cutoff her head. She knows that this would kill her, so that she would no longer have a soul, or a mind to exercise her free will in repenting of her 'sin' of coveting the beautiful litle red shoes which are now causing her so much pain.

This shows that her faith must be very strong aqnd that she has understood her religious teaching well, although nowadays we would be more understanding of small children and we have different ways of helping them to understand right and wrong. Hans Christian Andersen was presenting the historical traditional presentation of the Christian religion.

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