How does auteurist theory affect the way that films are marketed?

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In all honesty, I am not sure the auteur theory really does impact the way films are marketed because of the few number of directors that actually use the theory.  The financial realities of Hollywood and the film- making industry have become so driven by economic interests and the need to perform well financially that the auteur theory really does not factor that much into the marketing of films.  At this point in time, there are few directors who fully embrace the theory.  Even ones that do have pivoted to the point where the actors that are in the film are as noticeable or even more noticeable than the directors themselves.  Directors like Woody Allen who used to embody the auteur theory himself to such a great extent is more akin to being able to use large profiled actors in ensemble pieces with his name being one that nuanced fans understand and know, but the general public does not.  In a strange sort of way, the auteur has become replaced by the general personality and celebrity.  For example, Sacha Baron Cohen can be seen as someone who commands his own name recognition in constructing a film, but he does so for more celebrity value and his own personality and not for anything in terms of artistic direction.  The auteur theory has thus become something that flim making executives have latched onto in terms of generating "buzz" and profit, and not really in its own artistic and sense of the aesthetic in the film making experience.

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