How does the auteurist theory affect the way films are marketed?

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Film marketing is often based on who is involved with the movie rather than on the plot or theme; based on auteur theory, the director should be the most important. A major director, like Steven Spielberg, will be prominently displayed in marketing to promote the film as being like other successful films he has directed. A minor director, for example an actor directing his first film, might not be mentioned on the marketing at all, because people might avoid the film if they don't recognize the director's name. Robert Rodriguez, who produces and/or directs several films per year on average, is often marketed to different tastes depends on the film; Terrence Malik, who has directed five films in over forty years, is usually marketed as a visionary based on his earlier work.

Interestingly, sometimes auteur theory works for a badly-perceived director instead of against him; Michael Bay, whose films almost always receive bad reviews, is highly sought-after and highly marketed because his films make a lot of money. This negative association also appeals to ordinary film-goers, who sometimes disdain films views as "high brow" in favor of simple action; in this case, while Michael Bay might not be involved in every aspect of a film, his involvement is enough to associate the film with his reputation.

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