In To Kill a Mockingbird, how does Aunt Alexandra involve herself in Maycomb's social life?

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One of the main ways Aunt Alexandra gets involved in the Maycomb social life is by being a part of the Missionary Circle meetings.  The one the reader sees in the book is hosted by Aunt Alexandra at the Finches' house.  The ladies of the church get together for tea and snack in order to discuss the good they can do for the church.  In addition to that, they are also sharp social critics and harsh gossips, commenting mostly on the state of the black population in Maycomb and the outcome of the Tom Robinson trial.  

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Aunt Alexandria has a missionary club and from there all the ladies gossip about new events that are happening. They are very critical and talk a lot about the black population there in Maycomb and are very invested in the final result of the trial. Moreover, one time Aunt Alexandria tries to take Cal out of the household but Cal has been there for the kids ever since they were young and is a part of the family, and therefore Atticus tells her she will stay no matter what. We see a difference between how Aunt Alexandria and how Atticus think.

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