Confessions Questions and Answers
by Aurelius Augustinus

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How does Augustine (in Confessions) establish his authority as a writer? What does he do to compel us to read and listen to him?

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Aurelius Augustinus, commonly known as St. Augustine, was a fourth-century teacher of rhetoric, philosopher, and Christian theologian of Roman African decent. He was born and died in Algeria but spent the majority of his life in the Roman Empire. As his wise writings were thought to be the second most important writings after the Bible, Augustine was ordained and consecrated bishop of the city of Hippo and is considered one of the most influential Christian theologians, writers, and Church Fathers in world history.

Augustine wrote several books and texts which greatly influenced almost the entirety of Western philosophy and theology, metaphysics, ethics, and even politics. However, his most important writings of all time are his Confessions, the Christian book The City of God, and the theological text Of Christian Doctrine.

The Confessions of Saint Augustine (original title:

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