How does Atticus discipline the children after the Boo Radley game?

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At first, Atticus doesn't punish the children, he just offers them a firm warning. In fact, in chapter 4 when he first catches the kids, he just lets on that he gets they are doing something about the Radleys. The kids do not understand or think that he specifically told them not to play the game anymore. At this point, if anything, he discplines them by not letting them know that he really absolutely knew what they were doing which leaves them guessing and forces them to think about what they are doing and make a moral decision on their own.

When Atticus catches the kids in chapter 5 trying to get a note to Mr. Radley on a fishing pole, he yells at them and envokes the fact that they were doing something wrong by playing the Boo Radley game earlier, but he uses it as a part of a whole string of things they were doing to upset the Radleys, particularly Boo:

You stop this nonsense right now, every one of you!"

At this point, all it was is a lecture. It could have been worse.


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