How does Athena make sure that Odysseus will get food, clothing, and oil for his salt-caked skin?in book 6

Expert Answers
gekkolies eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Athena, forever the faithful watchdog of Odysseus, sends Nausicaa (the daughter of Alcinous) and her attendants to provide clothing and food for him.  Nausicaa states, "We must look after him, for every stranger, every beggar, comes from Zeus, and any gift, even something small, is to be cherished." (Line 66) Athena's calling to Nausicaa once again weaves the hospitality of the Greeks into the plot, so it seems natural that Nausicaa helps Odysseus. Athena then proceeds to make Odysseus look taller and seem like a god himself. Finally, Nausicaa beckons Odysseus to go with her to her father's house.