What are the advantages to having an arranged marriage?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Arranged marriages have some advantages even if they are not very well accepted in the West.  The major advantage to an arranged marriage is that there is not the same kind of expectation of great romance as there is in a Western-style marriage.  In Western marriages, the partners enter the relationship feeling that everything must be perfect immediately and forever.  In other words, they have outsized expectations of what their marriage will be like.  In an arranged marriage, there is no expectation of a great romance right away.  This puts less pressure on the couple.

Another factor is that arranged marriages are guaranteed to have familial support.  Both families have clearly agreed to the marriage.  This means that they are invested in it.  This is in contrast to Western-style marriages in which the families may be lukewarm or worse about the marriage.

Finally, it is at least arguable that the partners are more certain to be suited for one another.  The partners do not pick one another out of infatuation or lust.  They are picked by people who know them well and may think (from a dispassionate perspective) that they are likely to be good for one another.

Thus, there are some advantages to arranged marriages that may make them a decent option for some people.