How does Antonio make sense of the conflict he encounters between his parents in "Bless Me, Ultima"? With whom do you think he agrees or sides with more?(I would like a quote or two)

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Antonio says that there are two reasons that his parents quarrel.  The first is because of their opposing viewpoints on what is important in life.  Antonio's father is Marez, a man of the llano.  He curses those "who (do) not understand the freedom a man of the llano must have", and he sometimes curses Antonio's mother, a Luna, "because she (is) the daughter of farmers, and it (is) she who (keeps) him shackled to one piece of land".  The second reason Antonio's parents fight is because of religion.  Antonio's father "(is) not a strong believer in religion", and does not have much respect for the priests.  Antonio's mother is "a devout Catholic, so she (sees) the salvation of the soul rooted in the Holy Mother Church", and her fondest desire is that her youngest son become a priest (Tres).

Antonio is torn by the conflicting expectations of his parents.  He feels the pull of both, his mother and the Church on one hand, and his father and Ultima on the other.  Antonio devotedly prepares to receive the sacraments of the Church, yet he can neither understand nor accept all of its precepts; when he grants his unrepentant friend Florence absolution in mock confession, Florence correctly observes, "you could never be their priest" (Dieciocho).  I think the influence of both his parents is equally strong within Antonio; only maturity will show how he will reconcile the opposing forces of his nature.

ashley-nicolef20 | Student

i think that antonio is very confused on which parent he wishes to please. So he turns to Ultim, which guides him onto his decidion making.