How does Anton Chekhov use punctuation to heighten the emotions of the scenes in "The Lottery Ticket"?

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In the short story "The Lottery Ticket" by Anton Chekhov, the author starts out innocently enough, to detail the minute by minute emotions of a Victorian couple who suspect they may have won the lottery. Whilst waiting to check the ticket numbers properly, they each have separate daydreams about life might be like in the future. Suddenly, they are each fantasising about life as a single person with a fortune. Anton Chekhov shows how their thoughts race along by being brave and experimental with the puctuation. It is staccato and haphazard in places, as a person's thoughts would be if they had too much to think of all at once. The husband in particular, lets his disjointed imaginings wander all over the place, to the countryside, a fancy estate, abroad, a train and so on. The punctuation emphasises the depth and scope of his imagination.There are dots, dashes and commas aplenty.

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