how does annes relationship change with marilla, gilbert and mrs rachel lynde

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As Anne matures under Marilla and Ms. Stacy's patient tutelage, she learns from her experiences with Gilbert and Mrs. Rachel Lynde not to lose her temper, but also to accept these people for who they are.  Anne is a very prideful creature.  Despite her humble orphan beginnings, Anne takes pride in herself and her intelligence.  When she feels as though she is being criticized, Anne tends to overreact.  For example, when Gilbert calls Anne "carrots," Anne finds it very difficult to forgive him; just as she also struggles to forgive the injustices of Mrs. Rachel. 

In the end, Anne learns that forgiveness is key; this softens her relationships with Marilla and Rachel Lynde.  She realizes that adults can make mistakes too.  When Anne learns to ask for forgiveness and forgive, she strengthens her relationship with these strong women as well as Gilbert.  

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