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mrkirschner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Anne Frank does not reveal a great deal about Margot Frank in her diary. Margot is three years older and there tends to be a little bit of sibling rivalry or jealousy in her writing about her sister.  Anne paints Margot in a boring way, referring to her as quiet, tidy, and an overachiever.  Anne does not think that she has much of a personality.  Margot envisions that she has a bright future after the war. The older sister hopes to go to school and become a maternity nurse in Palestine.

Anne dismisses Margot as standoffish and introverted.  She discusses different fights that she has with her sister while in hiding.  Anne does mention Margot in a positive light when detailing a letter that she received in support of her friendship with Peter.  Despite this mention of Margot, Anne does not consider Margot her friend and does not think very much of their relationship. For this reason, Margot does not get very much space in the Diary of Anne Frank.