How does Animalism represent Communism in the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell?

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Orwell did indeed want to comment on Communism with his allegorical fable Animal Farm. The society that the animals set up is analogous to the beginnings of the Russian Revolution. The ideas that everybody should share equally in the wealth created by their collective labor is at the heart of Marx's ideology.

But Orwell had more than that in mind. Marxism was already well known by the time he was writing Animal Farm in the 1930's. Nobody needed to have communism explained to them at that time. Orwell's goal was to show how the pursuit of an ideal can be derailed by power-hungry individuals. The way...

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animalisim is a reflection of communisim because they both are same like are people are equal and all animal are equal their shoul be a proper life style and are people are have same life style Russian Revolution: Russian Revolution Leon Trotsky Other leader of “October Revolution” Pure communist, followed Marx Wanted to improve life for all in Russia Chased away by Lenin’s KGB (secret police)

Animal Farm : Animal Farm Napoleon Not a good speaker, not as clever as Snowball Cruel, brutal, selfish, devious, corrupt His ambition is for power, killed opponents Used dog, Moses, and Squealer to control the animals

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