How does Andy feel about his parents?

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Andy is unhappy with his parents. Andy doesn't think his mother even notices what he does.  She never makes the basketball games, and always has an excuse for not attending his events. When his mother asks him how the talent show went, he responds "What do you care.  You didn't even bother to come." (pg 136).  His mother claims she had a sinus headache. He doesn't feel supported by her.  He tells her "You need a dose of reality, Mom.  You want to pretend it (the accident)  didn't happen and I can't deal with this by myself." (pg 137)  His mother admits that her way of dealing with the accident is to hide from it. Andy then tells her about a time when he almost drown at the beach.  She never knew about it.  She told him, just as when he almost drown, he will come through this a stronger and more resilient person. Andy doesn't agree.  He says "She doesn't understand that this time there's no one to pull me out.  I bet her headache is nothing compared to mine...... I feel I am drowning again, only this time, Mom, I'm in an ocean."  The other students even comment that his mother never shows up at the games.  If she does, she puts on a show with the way she is dressed.  Andy feels that Rob's parents know more about him than his own mother.

He also has a problem with his father. When his father confronts him about his low grades, Andy has to admit that he is not doing well in class.  His father wants him to go to college. "We've been  talking about college since you were a little boy!  Getting a degree -- maybe even in the field of business administration."  Andy just replies, "That's your dream, Dad, not mine" (pg 148)  When his dad asks about a basketball scholarship and playing professional ball, Andy responds with "How would you know?  You didn't even come to even one of my games this year!  Not one!" (gp 148) Andy then criticizes his father for wanting to be acceptable to the white people.  When he says that he doesn't want to be acceptable, his father replies, "But you must!   That's the only way to make it in this world --- to assimilate into the society in which we live. " (pg 153)  Andy does not respect his father for playing to the white world.  He and his father come from different generations and Andy does not feel that his father understands him, and he doesn't understand his father. 

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