How does the Andragogical model fit with an tactile learning style?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Andragogical model of instruction is based on the idea that the learning style and setting of adults is fundamentally different than that of children.  Andragogy stresses the idea of experience and being able to connect instruction to a practical and tangible effect of adult learning.  Within this, the "immediacy of application and from subject-centeredness to performance-centeredness" was one of the foundations for the Andragogical model of learning.  

The notion of "performance- centeredness" can be easily aligned with the tactile style of understanding.  Tactile learning involves "learning by doing" and "hands- on" approaches.  This is a part of the Andragogical model of instruction.  Being able to connect instruction to experience is a part of both the Andragogical model and the tactile learning style.  Both can complement one another because they both seek to link experience to instruction.  It is in this light were the tactile learning style is an essential part of the Andragogical model.  The aims of the model lends itself to embracing the tactile learnig sensibility.