How does an unstable government affect a country's development?

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An unstable government can hinder a country’s development in a number of ways.  Some examples include:

  • Inability to provide medical and educational infrastructure.  Part of development involves increasing things like life expectancy, overall health, and literacy among the population.  A stable government is more likely to be able to provide the infrastructure needed to improve its population’s standing in these measures.  Building good schools and good public health systems is not something that can be done piecemeal.  Instead, it needs sustained effort of the sort that can best be provided by a stable government.
  • Inability to provide a good climate for business.  Economic development is an important part of development.  Businesses are not likely to invest in a country if its government is unstable.  They will fear, for example, that the government will fall, causing chaos.  They might also fear rash actions on the part of the government (such as expropriation) that will destroy the value of their investments.  If businesses do not feel safe, they will not help to create economic development.

In these ways and others, a stable government is important for development in a country.