How does an essay communicate one main point?

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carol-davis eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An essay is defined as a short literary writing concerning a particular topic.  There are several types of essays: exploratory; contrast/comparison; persuasive; definiton; critical analysis.  Each kind of essay has a particular purpose but deals with one overall subject. The writer must know the purpose of the essay that he is going to write. For the example, exploratory is the purpose.

The next aspect of the writing the essay is choose what its subject will be.

1.The essay should have one topic.

  • For example, if one were assigned to write an exploratory essay, the writer might choose the topic the United States.
  • Of course, the topic would need to be narrowed: What makes the United States a great place to live?
  • Then, the writer would need to answer the question which might serve as the thesis for the essay.  The United States provides freedom for its citizens.
  • Now, the writer must decide on 3 or more  freedoms that Americans have: the right to vote; the right to free public education; the right to choose a career. 

2. Now the writer is ready to begin to develop each of his freedoms into paragraphs.  To do this, it would be necessary to do research using the Internet to understand the freedoms that were listed above.

3. The basic essay can be written in five paragraphs:

  • The introduction: Gets the attention of the reader; presents the thesis
  • The three body paragraphs

                        A. Right to vote

                        B. Right to free public education

                        C. Right to decide on a career

  • The conclusion: Summarize the paper and leave the reader with a quotation or something to think about concerning the topic.

Choosing the topic is really the hardest part of writing an essay.  Then after choosing it, the writer must go through the steps of narrowing it so that it can be handled in a short basic essay.   The key to learning to write a good essay is to read and study other essays and then practice, practice, rewrite and practice some more.           

judyd3 | Student

Your thesis statement will allow you to focus on your main point of your essay. Your thesis statement should consist of:


Fact + your opinion.


For example:  The overcrowding of prisons (fact) leads to many prisoners being released too early (opinion). Imagine the fact plus your opinion and it will allow you an "easy" thesis statement. Follow your thesis statement for the remainder of your essay. Focus on three reasons (the following three paragraphs) to prove your point, and then your conclusion.

iklan100 | Student

carol-davis has given a very fine and detailed answer above and explained the writing steps very clearly and well. as you can see, the KEY to writing an essay with one main point, is to focus on a proper thesis and frame it with carefully.