How does the American dream give access to religious freedom?

Expert Answers
tjbrewer eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The American Dream is composed of the freedoms and opportunities that the United States of America offers, distinct from other countries.  Amongst the freedoms afforded to Americans is the Freedom of Religion.  This freedom is more than just "freedom of Worship."  Americans are allowed to follow all tenets of their chosen religion, or lack thereof.  An American is not to be forced to engage in a practice his/her religion forbids. 

This is very different from other countries.  Most of Europe has not freedom of religion, but merely freedom of worship.  While this freedom allows one to engage in any religious practice they desire, that freedom does not extend outside the church doors.  Europeans can be prohibited from exercising the tenets of their religion in public.  In Iran, and most other nations in the Middle East, the only religion permitted is Islam.  Practice of any other religion in any way is considered "blasphemy" and punishable by death.  In North Korea, and most other Communist nations, all religious practice is prohibited, and being found to have a religious faith is again punishable by death.