How does Alice react to the news from the Algernon-Gordon Effect report?

Alice reacts to the Algernon-Gordon Effect report with intense sadness, reflecting her disappointment over the failure of the treatment to create a sustainable change for Charlie and given their once close relationship. When it becomes evident that Charlie will decline, Alice grieves for him and for the impossibility of a reconciliation between them. Charlie shows up in class, and she breaks down in an emotional scene that shows just how intense her feelings about the effect are.

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News from the Algernon-Gordon Effect report gives Alice extreme grief. Charlie and Alice’s relationship experiences a 360 degree revolution, with the early arc of their relationship characterized by incredible optimism about the potential that the treatment will have for Charlie’s intellectual capacity to increase and for him to therefore lead a life to which he aspires.

Conversely, on the downside arc of their relationship, once it has become clear that news from the Algernon-Gordon Effect report means his intelligence level will experience a rapid decline, Alice is filled with incredible sadness about the future that Charlie faces and the fact that their romantic relationship is impossible.

As his mental capacity is increasing, Charlie begins to realize that he has deep romantic feelings for Alice, and she reciprocates those feelings. They enter into an intimate relationship.

However, Charlie’s mental ascension creates dynamic changes in their relationship that are extremely challenging, particularly as he surpasses Alice in terms of intellectual understanding and he feels frustration and exasperation that she cannot keep up with him on certain scientific themes that he tries to explain to her. In turn, she feels anger and perhaps humiliation at the clear evidence that she cannot keep up with Charlie’s thought processes. On the other end of the relationship, Charlie is in mental decline. He is rushing to finish his research and frustrated as he begins to make mistakes and Alice feels sympathy for him. However, it is once Charlie has declined to the level that he was at prior to the treatment, and he mistakenly comes to Alice’s class without realizing that they shared so much at one time, that Alice breaks down emotionally and cannot bear to face the fact that the Charlie she came to love and share an intense romantic relationship with is gone.

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