How does administrative responsibility contribute to the attainment of public interest

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To answer this, we must first define administrative responsibility.  Although there are many facets to this concept, the basic idea is that people who are administering public sector agencies are supposed to act in certain ways.  The administrators’ superiors, and the public as a whole, have certain expectations and these administrators must live up to those expectations.

When administrators exhibit administrative responsibility, it can contribute to the achievement of the public interest.  Let us say that the public interest is represented by the demands made on the bureaucracy by elected officials.  They represent the will of the people.  They tell the administrators what they want done.

If administrators are responsible, they will carry out the wishes of the elected officials.  They will not ignore those desires in order to do what they would prefer.  In other words, they will be responsible.  When this happens, they are helping to bring about the public interest, at least insofar as the demands made by the elected officials are in the public interest.

In this way, administrative responsibility on the part of bureaucrats can lead to achievement of the public interest.