How does the story of Adam and Eve put forward a negative view of women?It is for RS and am studying about feminism and struggling to find ideas. Anything helps, thanks!

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The story of Adam and Eve (we can argue) puts women in a negative light in two ways. 

First, it portrays women as gullible and weak.  In the story, the serpent comes not to Adam, but to Eve.  He essentially talks her into disobeying God and eating the fruit.  This gives the impression that women are too weak to stand up for what is right and that they can easily be swayed by persuasive words.

Second, the story has women corrupting men.  Eve does not stop with eating the fruit.  Instead, she also persuades Adam to eat of it. 

This story, then, has women being weak and gullible enough to be deceived and it also has them weakening men and causing men to go astray.  This is a very negative view of women.

luiji | Student

I don't necessarily agree with what was said before.

I think the message of the story is that men are in charge over the women. Notice that God addresses Adam rather than Eve? The Bible also says that man sinned. It wasn't Eve, but man.

whittywfa | Student