How does acting impulsively bring Okonkwo to his downfall? My teacher has said that there are some similarities between Romeo and Juliet and Things Fall Apart; they both share strong male characters and these characters' downfall is caused by their hasty judgements. I've been trying to find examples of how Okonkwo's downfall is created by his hasty actions. While I've found examples of him acting hastily, I haven't been able to link up why they lead to his downfall.

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In Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo's rashness is a character trait that he cannot seem to change. Chinua Achebe suggests that he is a tragic hero, because his flaw is innate and sparks numerous events with negative consequences. Some of Okonkwo's hasty actions do not have immediate repercussions. Those that occur early in the novel largely serve to establish his personality and related behaviors and to provide foreshadowing of larger problems to follow.

One such hasty action occurs when Okonkwo beats his wife Ojugo for neglecting her domestic duties. Because this occurs during the Week of Peace, he must pay a fine. The relatively small consequence does not dissuade him from similar behavior—as he later beats his other wife, Ekwefi . The repercussions of this action are much greater. Initially,...

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