How does acid rain affect humans in the Boreal Shield?

Expert Answers
justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Acid rain has many adverse effects on humans in the Boreal Shield. The acid rain is the result of effluents produced during industrial activities. These combine with water and form sulfuric and nitric acids. The rocks and soil in this region are unable to neutralize the acid due to a very small amount of alkaline material.

The acid falls to the ground when it rains and enters the water table. This has a very harmful affect on the growth of trees in forests. The affect of this is felt by those that are engaged in professions that make use of natural resources procured from forests, like loggers. The acid also creates conditions unsuitable for the growth of crops. This has a very bad effect on agriculture, reducing productivity and decreasing profits for farmers. When the acid enters water bodies it leads to the death of fish and other marine creatures thereby reducing the catch of fishermen and decreasing its quality. Acid in the water also directly harms the human body when it is consumed.