How does Achilles act in the Underworld?  

The shade of Achilles acts despondent and ill-tempered in the underworld, where he is resigned to a bleak, depressing eternity. He also seems to possess a new outlook on the concepts of glory, fame, and legacy. He is utterly unhappy with his depressing eternal condition.

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Achilles is discontent in the underworld, longing for life on earth. He says that Odysseus shouldn't try to "reconcile" him to death: Achilles would gladly go back to earth in the humblest of states rather that stay in Hades:

I’d rather serve as another man’s labourer, as a poor peasant without land, and be alive on Earth, than be lord of all the lifeless dead.

This is ironic, as Achilles was given the choice of being a famous warrior with a short life or an obscure person with a long and fruitful life. He chose fame and an early death, and now says he regrets the decision.

He also asks for news of his son, Neoptolemus. Odysseus is able to fill him in on some details, telling him that Neoptolemus is an eloquent speaker and the best of warriors. Odysseus speaks of his fighting skills and leadership, and says:

he begged me endlessly to let him leap from the Horse, toying with his sword hilt and his heavy bronze spear, eager to wreak havoc on the Trojans.

This feat did not lead to his...

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