How does the 24th amendment relate to federalism? 

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The 24th Amendment relates to federalism because it takes some power away from the state governments and gives it to the federal government. 

We have a system of federalism because, in our system, the Constitution gives some powers to the state governments while others are given to the national government, which we also call the federal government.  Any law or, in this case, constitutional amendment that changes the way these powers are distributed is related to federalism.

One of the powers that states generally have is the power to decide how their elections will be run.  Therefore, they can do things like deciding what a person must do to register to vote and how long before an election a person must do so.  The 24th Amendment takes away some of the states’ powers to run their elections as they wish.

Specifically, this amendment says that states cannot impose poll taxes, which are taxes that must be paid in order to vote.  The amendment was passed because states were using such taxes to prevent African Americans from voting.  The amendment took some power away from the states, which means that it was related to federalism.

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