How does 1984 show that the need for human relationships is the most powerful of human needs? Try and explain this through the relationships of the characters.

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At the beginning of "1984" we meet Winston.  He is described in detail as a pasty looking man with many physical problems.  He has an ulcer on his leg that is constantly inflamed, he has a bad stomach problem, he drinks, and he is too thin and sickly.  After he becomes involved with Julia, Orwell writes that Winston has put on weight, the ulcer on his leg has healed over, his stomach problems are gone.  This healing process takes place because of his personal relationship with Julia.

Both Winston and Julia agree that the Party can make them confess, say whatever they wish them to say, and pretty much do whatever the Party wishes, but the Party can't make them deny their love.  As long as they have their love they will be free.

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