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How do you write a well written topic sentence? I am writing a Egyptian Essay and I would like to know how to write a topic sentence. Since my teacher said I needed a topic sentence for each of my paragraph.

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A topic sentence summarizes the information that is presented in one paragraph. Usually the topic sentence is the first sentence and introduces the topic, or idea, that will be more fully explained in the rest of the paragraph. The sentences that follow the topic sentence add details, provide examples, or expand the information briefly mentioned in the topic sentence.

For example, your paper will probably include information about mummies. If you are going to write one paragraph about the process the Egyptians used to mummify a body, your topic sentence might be, "The process of mummification involved embalming, removing organs, drying the body, and wrapping the remains." Following sentences would explain what embalming means and how it was done; which organs were removed and what happened to them; how the body is dried; and how the body is wrapped.

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A topic sentence is a sentence which gives the main idea for a paragraph. This is usually the first sentence in the paragraph. You would then support this sentence with Details and examples throughout the rest of your paragraph. Make sure you know what the main idea is that you want to convey, and then put it into your own words in a way that would be interesting to the reader.

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