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How do you write a newspaper article on an interview done with a person? firstly, how do i pick a title for my article? How could i write a lead including who what were when why and how about a person? And how could i write 8 paragraphs having facts and explanation. should i start with his family the job the hobbies? can you please give me examples. it is about an English teacher who has many adventures and interesting stuff in his life, however, no one in the school knows that... I am so worried since my whole mark will be against this task and i could fail English this year if i have done a terrible job. its the first time i write an article and i have no older siblings to help.. it is due after tommorow!!!!!  Please i need you help!!!!!

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Lorna Stowers eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Like stated by readerofbooks, there is no one set format for writing a news article. My suggestion would be to ask if there is a specific format which the editor (or teacher) prefers. If not, you are free to use any format that you wish.

Outside of that, check out other formats used in the media type for which you are writing for. You may find that a specific format jumps out at you and others tend to not match your writing style.

Sometimes, writers need to try out different formats in order to find the one which best suits their own personal writing style.

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Robert C. Evans eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Here's a possible model:


Frank Kasnoznich, recently named the new principal of Joe Smith High School, says that big changes are in store for the school. In a wide-ranging interview conducted recently, Kaznoznich indicated plans to eliminate sports, extend the school day by two hours, require all students to take summer classes, and hike the pay of especially effective teachers. In a transcript of the interview, conducted by The Smithereen, Kasnoznich bluntly answered the questions we put to him.

TS: Is it true that you are planning to eliminate the sports programs at JSH?

FK: Only the sports programs that require travel and great expenses. Our budget is in crisis, and we need to save money in every practical way possible. We will still have intramural sports, but sports programs requiring us to spend significant sums to send teams outside the city and county are just not affordable anymore.


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Inuk Lee eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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There is no set format in writing an article. It all depends on what you want to write. You need a focus. So, if your article is on the life of the teacher, then you would want to put in things like when he or she was born, what he or she did in life, what he or she is like, and so on and so forth. It should also be chronological. Finally, there should be a story or two that shows the personality of the teacher.

If the point of your article has a different focus, then it should relate to that focus. For example, if the teacher has a passion about something that your article is on that passion, then your article can be about that. Or if your article is on what your teacher thinks about the topic of education, then most of your article will be on that.


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