What are the general topics that would have to be included in a book about natural resource scarcity & alternative energy?

Expert Answers
justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A book dealing with natural resource scarcity and alternative energy could be written in many ways and would differ in the format and the areas that you stress on depending on your target audience.

I think the following are some of the general topics that should be included in the book.

An objective summary of the facts regarding natural resource scarcity with an emphasis on how much is actually available; how much we are using; what is the level of consumption that can be sustained; how long can an unsustainably high consumption last and the finally what are the anticipated after-effects of this.

As you have mentioned alternate energy, I think the book is primarily about the use of natural resources for energy production. The next topic could give a general idea of how energy can be conserved. This could include aspects to increase efficiency during production, distribution and consumption. And what are some of the macro-economic policies that can put into place to ease things here.

Moving on to alternate energy, give a general idea of all the alternate energy sources that are available. Then shortlist the ones that can be easily harnessed at the lowest cost and which would cause the least amount of inconvenience to the consumers as well as not disturb the environment.

A good book should include facts which are well referenced and should be objective in nature, instead of reading like an extended brochure from the PETA.