How do you write an annotated bibliography, when the source is somebody that has been interviewed?This is for my summer AP History Assignment. I had to do a report on the Miller & Lux building...

How do you write an annotated bibliography, when the source is somebody that has been interviewed?

This is for my summer AP History Assignment. I had to do a report on the Miller & Lux building of Los Banos, California. Any other information is helpful:) I interviewed somebody that knew a little about the history of the building, so thanks for the help!

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The form you should follow in writing your annotated bibliography will depend upon which style guide your teacher wants you to use. There are numerous guides to research writing and documentation. Some of the more common ones in current use include MLA, APA, Chicago, Strunk & White, and the AP guide. Below you will find an eNotes link to a discussion of style manuals.

Find out which style your teacher wants you to use. Then, you can buy the style guide or do an online search for examples from it. Many style guides are published online and are free of charge.

Finally, in reference to your question about writing an annotation for your interview source, keep in mind the an annotated bibliography is designed to help future researchers. A good annotation will indicate the general content of the source. In annotating the source you mention, summarizing general personal biography isn't necessary, but you might well include something in your annotation to suggest why this person is of value as an interview subject. What gives him authority to speak? Your annotation should focus mainly on the type of information he supplied. Good luck. Your study sounds very interesting.

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There are many sources that will do this for you.  I just found a new and interesting bibliography source that you might want to use.  It's  It allows you to enter the title of a book (and some articles/newspapers/etc.) and then it creates the entry for you.  At the same time it will create a bibliography for you that you can download directly into Word.  It offers several different formats including APA and MLA, the 2 most popular.

To format your interview, click on Other.  In the Item Type, click on the drop down arrow and select "Interview."  Fill it in from there.  You might want to use this source for your entire bibliography.

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The best website I have found to help with any type of citation is Son of Citation Machine (see link below).  This website accommodates MLA, ALA, Turabian and Chicago citation styles. 

When you click on which style, it will offer you a variety of different options on the left hand side of the screen (book, internet, etc.) Once you click on that, you just need to input the data in the correct spaces and it creates the citation for you which you can then copy and paste into your paper.

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And how do you annotate an interviewed bibliography? Do you talk about their life or also summarize what information they shared with you?