How do you write an analytical essay about an analysis of an article?What must you include in it and what must you avoid in an analytical essay about an article?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Writing an analytical essay, of course, shares similarities with the writing of any essay. 

1. It appears that the assignment is to analyze an article, so in the introduction, you need to paraphrase the thesis of the article including the author's name and title of the article.  Then write a thesis statement of your own that states the points you intend to make concerning the article's main ideas.

2. In order to critique the ideas presented in the article, it is necessary to summarize the ones to which you are responding.  Using the same sequence of ideas as the author is a good idea; citing passages and connecting the ideas with transitions, etc. is also essential in maintaining coherence.

3.  Critique the author's points.  As you critique, restate very briefly the author's point, then state whether you agree or disagress [you can use the words "one strong point" to indicate agreement, rather than writing "in agreement, etc."]  Finally, evaluate the author's evidence and reasoning to indicate whether you agree or disagree with the points.  In other words, each of your points should be a response to points in the article you critique.

4.  Draw a conclusion, summing up your overall reaction to the validity of the source, the strengths and weaknesses of the article as you evaluate how well it achieves its purpose.  (Do not make the conclusion too long--one paragraph is good.)

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