How do you would describe the atmosphere and environment in "Lord of the Flies"?

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Initially, the island is portrayed as a tropical paradise with a beautiful landscape and plenty of natural fruit for the boys to enjoy. Despite this idyllic environment, the atmosphere becomes increasingly tense and ominous as the narrator begins to describe the extreme heat, the ugly scar running through the forest, the introduction of the dead paratrooper, and the barren landscape of Castle Rock.

As the novel progresses, Jack's rebellious, wicked personality becomes more prevalent, which builds suspense and contributes to the foreboding atmosphere. The reader senses a conflict between Ralph and Jack, which is emphasized by the constant heat on the island and represents the battle between good and evil. The enigmatic forest, particularly Simon's secret spot, also contributes a magical component to the atmosphere, where elemental spiritual forces can impact the boys. Notably, the Lord of the Flies , which...

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