How do you uninstall programs in your computer that you mistakenly downloaded?First person to answer I will give you five stars, and hope that you are not joking around, and I thank you incredibly.

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I can't believe an ol' timer like me is helping a college student with a computer question. I believe there are at least two different ways to do this. First, you can go to your Start panel and bring up the list of programs on your computer. Select the program you want to alter. Right click (mouse or touchpad) on the name or icon. Uninstall becomes one of your choices. Choose Uninstall and follow the directions. It usually only takes a minute or less. You can also go to your Control Panel, choose Programs--Uninstall, and you will get a list of all your programs that way. Click on the program you wish to uninstall, and follow the directions. You can also delete your icon on your opening screen, but it will not uninstall--only delete the icon. Good luck. You should have no problems. I just uninstalled several programs during the past week this way.


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Your right i'm kinda computer illiterate, yet i've used them many times for school testing. I am 18 years old and I hate computers to say the least. In a way there taking over america. That's why I prefer writing in cursive or in another language like arabic. I hate computers because you don't know what you download. I am actually in my first year of college and I need to learn how to use a computer. The most i've used computers for are video games or school testing. I am studying to be a arabic translator so my main secret among modern culture is that I despise modern culture consider me as a consevative blended with a old age ideal's. The reason I like History is because our ancestors lived in a much simpler time than we do. I thank you dearly at heart"shokran Jazeelan". My computer would not let me uninstall things you have to pay for and I'm cheap as well. thank you. Maybe I should be a poltical leader some day or at least change our economy around to make everyone in society wealthy. (highly unlikely).......