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How do you think you can use the concepts of critical reasoning to deal with the challenges you face as a student, as well as challenges in your personal life as a member of your family and your community?

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Critical reasoning and critical thinking are skills that many schools want their students to learn and take with them into the world beyond the classroom walls. When a person actively and skillfully analyzes, questions, and evaluates ideas and beliefs, they are critically reasoning. Another way to think about it would be to say that a person who uses critical reasoning skills is not automatically assuming given information is true. A person should look for the flaw in an argument, find an assumption in an argument, and/or evaluate a given conclusion.

These skills can be applied to much more than essays assigned by teachers in order for students to develop those skills. One item that the prompt asks about is how to use critical reasoning skills in your community life. Without knowing exactly what you are involved with, I can't craft an answer explicitly for you. I am assuming that you live in a country that has elected government officials. Each of those candidates wants your votes, but each candidate also has their own agenda. They have personal goals to accomplish while in office, or they have their own idea about how to run the city/state/government. Many times the candidates will make speeches or enter into debates with each other. Those are perfect opportunities for you to use your critical reasoning skills. Constantly question the information being delivered. Look for errors in logic, or look for information that might be missing.

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