Will globalization make it so your life and career will be easier or harder than your parents' lives and careers?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is likely that I am member of your parents’ generation rather than of your generation.  I would argue that globalization will likely make your generation’s careers harder than those of my generation.  At the same time, globalization might make your lives easier than ours.

As globalization becomes more prevalent, it becomes harder for many Americans to have secure careers.  Globalization creates a situation in which Americans have to compete with workers from other countries.  Americans who have low levels of education will often find it very hard to compete with those workers.  Even those with more education can have a harder time.  Globalization will continue to increase as your generation reaches working age, thus making it harder for people of your generation to have stable careers.

By contrast, your lives might be easier (at least for those who do end up with good careers).  Globalization also allows us to have access to cheaper goods and services.  It allows us to buy imported goods that are cheaper than the goods that were made in the US.  This improves our quality of life and makes our lives easier.

Thus, I would argue that globalization will make your generation’s careers harder but will make life easier for many of you.