How do you think the investigative and supervisory functions of probation can be most effectively organized?

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Probation exists as both a privilege and a punishment. In some cases, criminals are released early from prison into a transitional probationary period. In other cases, an offender may be sentenced to probation in lieu of jail time in cases where incarceration may not be necessary due to the severity of the crime and the chance of re-offense.

In most cases, a probation sentence begins with an investigation. Investigators interview all parties involved in the crime as well as family members, employers, and others who are familiar with the defendant. These details are presented to the judge to aid in sentencing.

Supervision occurs during the probationary period. Offenders meet regularly with a probation officer who may also make random visits to the place of residence. The purpose of the supervision process is to ensure the offender is not breaking any rules of probation and, theoretically, to assist with any roadblocks s/he might face along the road. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure the...

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