Politics and the English Language Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

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How do you think so many foreign words/phrases entered the English Language? Is colonialism a reason?

Colonialism is one reason so many foreign words entered English, along with the fact that English, unlike French, has no academy to keep the language pure. Orwell, however, does not object to foreign words per se but to the way they are misused to obscure meaning.

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I would strongly agree that colonialism and the fact the British Empire stretched all over the globe account for much of the inclusion of foreign words into English. Another factor is the British upper classes' education in Latin, Greek, and French, as well as other European languages, which pulled words from those tongues into English. English is the largest language in the world in terms of the number of words it contains. Unlike with French, there has never been an academy to keep the language pure and pristine.

However, Orwell is not...

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