How Has The Renaissance Influenced Modern Society

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Many of the innovations of the Renaissance have shaped contemporary society. Perhaps the most important innovations were the beginnings of modern science. The Renaissance marks the development of the heliocentric theory of the universe, the discovery of gravitation, and the invention of the telescope, all improving navigation and laying the groundwork for space travel. Experiments on cadavers increased understanding of human anatomy. Harvey's discovery of the mechanism of circulation of blood is one of the foundational advances in medicine.

In religion, the Reformation marked the origin of Protestantism, and a growth in religious liberty and diversity in Europe, although not complete freedom of religion. 

The Renaissance was a great age of colonization and exploration, with Europeans visiting North and South America, many parts of Africa, and Asia. Trade and colonies swiftly followed these discoveries.

The Renaissance marked the rise of the vernacular in the arts, government, law and religion, along with the growth of the middle class. Both these have shaped contemporary society, in which Latin is almost unknown, and many art forms cater to a broadly educated middle class rather than  a small aristocracy.


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