How do you think people's lives change as a result of the Industrial Revolution?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Industrial Revolution affected people’s lives in many ways. One impact is that more people began to move to the cities where there were more jobs. Many factories were located in the cities. As more people moved to the cities, problems such as overcrowding, disease, and crime impacted the people living here.

Another impact of the Industrial Revolution was the change in working conditions. People used to work on their own or in small environments where everybody knew each other. The factories were often large businesses with hundreds or thousands of people working there. People didn’t know each other. The work environment became very impersonal.

Working conditions also changed. The workers were in environments where working conditions were unsafe. Workers were often injured and no help was offered to them if they had to miss days of work. There were no health and safety laws to regulate the work environment. People worked long hours with low pay. Conditions weren’t good.

The Industrial Revolution allowed for more products to be made and for the country to grow. People could move to new areas knowing there would be products available that they wanted and needed. Some of these products could make their life easier. The Industrial Revolution also helped people get places easier and quicker. New forms of transportation developed because of the steam engine. Thus, Industrial Revolution had negative and positive effects.

mnyancey | Student

1. Micro to Macro production.

2. Working from the home to working in factories.

3. Longer work hours.

4. Unsafe working conditions.

5. The rise of slums or project housing, people had to live close to where they worked so they could walk.

6. Eventually with the rise of public transportation people could finally live in the suburbs.

7. Also after years of hard labor was the rise of labor unions meant to protect workers.

tevtavuniwaqa | Student

The industry revolution marks the beginning of transformation in our society.It has transformed many lives from the Agrarian Period  and passing through the Industrial revolutionary period.

The effects of the industrial revolution can be:

1.Working conditions

What were the working conditions like during the Industrial Revolution? Well, for starters, the working class—who made up 80% of society—had little or no bargaining power with their new employers.

2.Living Conditions

Working in new industrial cities had an effect on people’s lives outside of the factories as well. As workers migrated from the country to the city, their lives and the lives of their families were utterly and permanently transformed

3.Public health and life Expectancy

In the first half of the 19th century, urban overcrowding, poor diets, poor sanitation, and essentially medieval medical remedies all contributed to very poor public health for the majority of English people.