How do you think "The National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration" protects consumers?Please visit the Web site of:

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This government agency, the NHTSA, focuses on driving and vehicle safety, laws, research and data.  The site discusses fuel economy, child safety seats, teen drivers, distracted driving, elderly drivers and seat belts among other transportation related issues.

In the classroom, we devote a unit to "Distracted Driving".  Students read articles from experts at NHTSA regarding the dangers and statistics of texting while driving.  The agency completes field studies to warn drivers regarding the dangers of doing any other activity while driving (texting, cell phone talking, eating, radio functions).  In addition, the website created videos regarding the specific topics they cover. For example, one is called,"The Faces of Distracted Driving" with true stories of victims and those responsible for distracted driving accidents.  In addition, Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood gives his safety and political messages through the NHTSA.